Automatic Enable/Disable Pause between 2 tracks

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Automatic Enable/Disable Pause between 2 tracks

Postby Gandalf » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:06 am

I use OPlayer as main tool of sound control during representations of theatre plays.
I launch sounds or musics from time to time during these representations of play.
I tried many player, but oPlayer is the best to fit my needs. So that I bought it to remove ads (no need for video at the moment).
The only thing I regret and I very need is : when I pause a sound due to its length too long, then I come back to the playlist to choose the next sound, it would be very nice that the "Pause Mode" is disabled while I launch the next track/sound.
To resume: pausing a track would be cancelled for the next track.
I do not know if my explanations are very clear, but, roughly speaking, the pause of a track should be automatically cancelled when launching the following track. Then oPlayer would be definitely the best player for sound control in theatre plays.
Many thanks for your answer.
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