Notes and bookmarks

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Notes and bookmarks

Postby denis_miller » Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:36 pm

Hi! Thanks for your product and amazing effort to make users be happy :)

I learn a lot by watching education courses, listening audio-books and downloaded leactures and podcats.
Every time I do notes to my OneNote, buy it's annoying to switch between apps and switch context.

Recently I sent suggestion via App and would like to repeat here. Maybe it will be supported by other users.

The idea is pretty simple. Create small dialog to add notes during watching the video. And export them as a text to any apps/buffer.

BTW, maybe it could be "Notes and bookmarks" feature or another self-descriptive feature for extra payment "In App Purchase" section of app.
I will be extremly happy to buy it :)

Here are some scenarios:

Scenario 1. Create notes
1. Watch video/audio lecture
2. Click note button
3. Dialog is popped up with multiple line text box
4. Write down ideas, notes
5. Click save

Scenario 2. View and export notes
Click somewhere and export/email all notes in format (time is optional, sometimes time is not needed. more important to keep ideas and notes)

very cool note

amazing idea


Or maybe more advanced as it was implemented by TubeNotes. They exported notes with screenshots (it's valuable for students to see slides from video lecture)
It will be awesome feature. And i will kill TubeNotes, buggy Swift Player and other players on my iPhone :)
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